Volkswagen Golf Gti

Audi Volkswagen 1.8t A4 Golf Tee Gti T3 / T4 Turbo Kit 20v Vw 20valve T3t4 1.8l

Audi Volkswagen 1.8t A4 Golf Tee Gti T3 / T4 Turbo Kit 20v Vw 20valve T3t4 1.8l

Audi Volkswagen 1.8t A4 Golf Tee Gti T3 / T4 Turbo Kit 20v Vw 20valve T3t4 1.8l  Audi Volkswagen 1.8t A4 Golf Tee Gti T3 / T4 Turbo Kit 20v Vw 20valve T3t4 1.8l

Audi volkswagen 1.8t a4 tt golf gti t3 / t4 turbo kit 20v vw 20valve t3t4 1.8l. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation into French. If you have questions please contact us.

Cmi engineering turbo set 495hp 975hp series \Packing list of kit items included. New turbo street demon for audi / volkswagen 1.8 l 20v from 1997 to 2006.

The most complete turbo package available for audi and vw platforms. This set includes all new quality parts capable of producing well over 495 horsepower at 25 psi with support modifications and an integrated motor. It is the most complete package available compared to others at an affordable price. On a standard engine, the kit will add more than 100 horsepower to a low boost setting of 8 psi.

In addition, the included electronic turbo timer accurately calculates the hassle free cooling period to ensure proper cooling of your turbocharged engine. Works with automatic or manual transmissions. The turbocharger connects the exhaust via a down pipe that may be required. Finally, this kit allows you to keep your air conditioning and your power steering for an exceptional urban configuration.

Oil seals and mounting studs included. 3 \Wet and well-balanced float bearings.

50 compressor case a / r. 63 turbine casing a / r. 57 mapped for low and high amplification settings. Able to produce more than 450 horses. Tubular piping of high quality with large primaries. Turbocharger flange t3 high quality. A very thick bridle supports the turbo. Fully worn and polished design. 321 welded stainless steel material for durability and resistance. The robust design supports the weight of the turbo.

The complete installation kit includes all bolts and hardware. Beautifully polished for a show finish. High quality seals included for turbo flange and exhaust manifold flange.

Large model effectively cools turbocharged air. The very thick core provides sufficient cooling.

Race cooler in lightweight aluminum. Strong tig welds will support high psi levels. 2.5 \Pressure drop less than 2%. (1) universal pipe kit for intercooler. May require modification to adapt.

(2) straight pipes of 2.5. (6) 90 degrees 2.5 j curves. (4) 90 degree elbows 2.5. (24) High strength stainless steel worm guns. (8) 2.5 \(4) 2.5 \Control your boost with a precise click. Can be adjusted for any desired psi level. Can be configured to adjust psi boost on the fly. Includes a complete installation kit. Quality design will not flow in high acceleration conditions.

Performance design produces a powerful and aggressive sound. Flanges installed at the discretion of the user. Protects the turbo by letting the water hammer through and / or reducing the throttle.

Slim design provides excellent engine bay clearance. Reversible design that can pull or push air. Includes mounting tabs for easy installation with a zip clip. Upper flow of a curved blade design. Versatility of a reversible push / pull fan.

Perimeter of 1.25 thickness. 2.5 0 <\/ span> thickness inside the perimeter. The fan can be used for cooling: an air-conditioning condenser, an oil cooler or transmission cooler, a mounting on an intercooler to prevent heating, or the cooling of a radiator a2w. Mounted inside the vehicle for adjustments on the fly. Easy to read digital LED display. The automatic mode function creates a hassle free operation. Includes pigtail wiring and additional wiring for ease of installation. Accurately calculates the cooling period of the motor. Ensures proper cooling of your turbocharged car every time.

Increases the life of the turbocharger. Failure to reduce the turbo temperature could cause \Coking is cooking the oil, turning it into a dirty substance. Anodized show as a finish. Protect the turbo system more stimulating.

Ideal for configuring fuel pressure for boosted engines. Prevents excess oil from blowing into the intake manifold. Eliminates oil vapors from the breather line. Ensures better mileage and better performance. Display as a high quality varnish.

Suitable for the following vehicles with specified engine. 1999 - 2001 Volkswagen Golf 1.8 t. 1999 - 2003 volkswagen jetta 1.8 t. Volkswagen gti 2000 - 2005 1.8 t. 1999 - 2005 Volkswagen New Beetle 1.8 t.

2003 - 2004 Volkswagen Cabriolet 1.8 t. Audi a4 1.8 t 1997 - 2004. Audi tt 1.8 t 2000 - 2006.

1998 - 2005 audi before 1.8 t. 1998 - 2004 seat leon 1.8 t. Please make the payment within one week. After this period, a dispute over the unpaid items will be filed.

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The item \spare parts \ turbos, superchargers \ turbos \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

  1. brand: rx <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer warranty: 1 year <\/ li>
  3. Manufacturer Part Number: 00000324ad222 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Audi Volkswagen 1.8t A4 Golf Tee Gti T3 / T4 Turbo Kit 20v Vw 20valve T3t4 1.8l  Audi Volkswagen 1.8t A4 Golf Tee Gti T3 / T4 Turbo Kit 20v Vw 20valve T3t4 1.8l