Volkswagen Golf Gti

Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc

Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc
Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc
Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc
Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc

Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc    Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc (Monday -Friday / 9h - 17h30). Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about our news, discounts !! front bumper volkswagen golf 6 gti look 08 to 12 with CDP.

Warning: photo (s) non-contractual (s). Thank you to refer to the product description below (left side = driver / passenger = right side).

The front bumper is designed to add a sporty touch to your volkswagen 6 and turn it into a model of gti. Volkswagen golf vi gti / gtd. Golf vi models equipped with headlights cleaning system (SRA) the wash tank should be replaced with.

Washing liquid tank gti true. Also covers washers headlights must be replaced with. Equipped with the grating in gti honeycomb design badgeless calender, lower central grille, side rails, fog lamps and headlamps.

Cars equipped with CDP (radar obstacle) and SRA option for jet washing. Ice (not mandatory because the caches are delivered with). Has 4 slots for parking assistance but not provided care to steering because that bumper is not equipped with 6 holes. Bumper + central and side grids. Lower extension of the bumper. Central grille with double red edging. Plate holder not included registration.

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    Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc    Front Bumper Volkswagen Golf 6 Gti Look 08 To 12 With Pdc