Volkswagen Golf Gti

Hella Fire Back For Vw Golf VI (5k1) Gtd, Gti, Right (aussenteil)

Hella Fire Back For Vw Golf VI (5k1) Gtd, Gti, Right (aussenteil)

Hella Fire Back For Vw Golf VI (5k1) Gtd, Gti, Right (aussenteil)    Hella Fire Back For Vw Golf VI (5k1) Gtd, Gti, Right (aussenteil)
Hella taillight for vw golf vi (5k1) gtd, gti, right (aussenteil). This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Combined taillight hella for vw golf vi (5k1) gtd, gti, right (outside). Additional article / additional info. For traffic to the right.

2sd010408081; 2sd 010408081; 2sd010 408 081; 2sd 010 408 081. Additional item required (item number).

As one of the leading automotive suppliers, Hella has been shaping the industry with innovative lighting systems and electronic vehicle components since 1899. The company is also one of the most important partners in the trade of spare parts and independent workshops. Our will: to shape the mobility of tomorrow and to advance the central trends of the market such as autonomous driving, efficiency and electrification, connectivity and digitization as well as individualization.

Every day, 39,000 employees around the world work to achieve this with passion, know-how and a force for innovation. Because we work closely with the experts of the major shipping service providers, your goods will reach you as quickly as possible. According to the bcm (body control module) suitable for later assembly against incandescent lamps. Vw 5k0 945096 k, vw 5k0 945096 pp.

We are more than just a store, we are automotive experts, oil fingers, screwdrivers and car enthusiasts. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. With approximately 800,000 items, we offer an almost complete portfolio in the field of spare parts and accessories. From the exhaust to the candle. Thanks to direct cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we are able to offer you excellent prices.

Because we work closely with experts from major shipping service providers and often deliver directly from central warehouses, your order will arrive as quickly as possible. Our service schedules: Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm. Hella taillight, right, 12 v, manufacturer ref. 2sd010408081;2sd 010408081;2sd010 408 081;2sd 010 408 081.

The item \"hella taillight for vw golf vi (5k1) gtd, gti, right (aussenteil)\" is on sale since Monday, July 29, 2019. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories-auto parts-optical parts, lights, flashing-rear lights, braking\".

The seller is \"canis-lupus. Digital\" and is located in Stuttgart. This item can be shipped to the following country: European Union.

  1. product group: signalling system
  2. fabricant.: hella
  3. reference number oe2: vw
  4. peer articles: 2sd 010 408-071
  5. reference number oe1: 5k0 945 096 p
  6. type: taillight
  7. additional items needed (sku)1: 2sa 010 409-161
  8. reference number oe/oem: blinkleuchte
  9. number of light functions: 3
  10. ean: 4082300312775
  11. additional items needed (sku): 2tz 010 409-141
  12. reference number oe: 5k0 945 096 k
  13. type of lamp: wy21w
  14. light design: LED
  15. position fire function: with stop lights (led)
  16. version: gtd, gti
  17. nominal surge [v]: 12
  18. other article reference: 2sd010408081;2sd 010408081;2sd010 408 081;2sd 010 408 081
  19. position fire function1: with taillight (led)
  20. part: external party
  21. extra article/additional info1: with light bulb
  22. ding side: right
  23. product type: taillight/tailgate
  24. manufacturer's coin number: 2sd 010 408-081
  25. right/left: for left-hand traffic
  26. position fire function2: with flashing light
  27. color: red
  28. extra article/additional info: with lamp makers
  29. mark: hella
  30. fabricant: vw
  31. right/left1: for right-hand traffic
  32. not for vehicles with trim: golf r, wolfsburg edition

Hella Fire Back For Vw Golf VI (5k1) Gtd, Gti, Right (aussenteil)    Hella Fire Back For Vw Golf VI (5k1) Gtd, Gti, Right (aussenteil)