Volkswagen Golf Gti

Tube Intermed Gn Volkswagen Golf IV Ragazzon 1.8i (85kw) 1.8 Gti You

Tube Intermed Gn Volkswagen Golf IV Ragazzon 1.8i (85kw) 1.8 Gti You

Tube Intermed Gn Volkswagen Golf IV Ragazzon 1.8i (85kw) 1.8 Gti You    Tube Intermed Gn Volkswagen Golf IV Ragazzon 1.8i (85kw) 1.8 Gti You
Intermed tube gn Volkswagen Golf IV 55.0002.00 Ragazzon 1.8i (85kW) - 1.8 gti turbo (110 / 135kW) 1998. N muffler without intermediate stainless steel tube cutting lintermédiaire original léchappement to rear. To mount the rear silencer original must change the original sleeve. Outside diameter 55 entrance exérieur diameter tube 60 text Image 1 (displacement): Ragazzon pot installed on bumper r32 / installation possible on the original bumper and the evo evo line one line lines give a true sporty look to your car, ensuring easy assembly and linimitable \The whole range, completely in stainless steel AISI 304, includes many products registered cee: complete lines, various articles, the catalytic converter to the muffler rear side exit, lines for n group competition and catalytic converters with approval fia CSAI . These lines offer high performance products that promote the reduction of the pressure and against the increase of engine power while reducing fuel consumption.

There are many models available for 50 dembouts create innovative design and captivating suitable for all car models. Lines evo evo line + one line offer a range a range of quiet luxury, which ensure a long life of the sports exhaust pot. The line evo one line includes all car models before 2002.

On order 7-14 days (except models only manufacturing) - shipment by Ragazzon italy - fia-CSAI standards, cee, tüv. Warning: some rare models can be temporarily out of stock or in production, so the delays could be overcome.

We invite you to contact us for this type of product. Approvals guaranteed quality and safety. From the office of registrations for approval cee.

These controls provide different phases, such as the study of the longevity of the line, against-pressure tests, tests phonométriques on and off. The analysis of the strength of materials used to manufacture the muffler. If the exhaust pipes pass the tests, the accredited body issuing it. Certifying product quality, valid in all member states of the European community, recognized by Switzerland and the EU countries. The installation of an approved muffler on a car involves no change to the vehicle registration document, in accordance with Directive 70/157 / eec and subsequent updates.

We are merchants on the internet since 2001. Brand Importer tyc lighting and mirrors. Importer for France brand sound as catalysts spare. Importer for France of Magnaflow performance brand lines / stainless steel exhaust. Importer for France brand asso racing sports exhausts.

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  1. brand: Ragazzon <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: 55.0002.00_3 <\/ li>
  3. Manufacturer warranty: 5 years <\/ li>
  4. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li>
  5. Material: stainless steel AISI 304 polished <\/ li>
  6. ean: 3664257079799 <\/ li>
  7. Product line: evo one line <\/ li>
  8. mark of the vehicle: Volkswagen <\/ li>
  9. car model: Golf IV 1.8i (85kW) - 1.8 gti turbo (110 / 135kW) 98 - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Tube Intermed Gn Volkswagen Golf IV Ragazzon 1.8i (85kw) 1.8 Gti You    Tube Intermed Gn Volkswagen Golf IV Ragazzon 1.8i (85kw) 1.8 Gti You